17 October 2011


I saw the film Courageous over the weekend. It's the fourth produced by Sherwood Pictures, a Christian film production company and ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church. I had seen one of its earlier productions, Fireproof, and found Courageous a better film in all respects.The plot was more complex and the action more intense. The characterization showed more depth and development and was aided by a greater variety of main characters. The acting was very good. Robert Amaya as Javier Martinez was a hoot.

The film does, of course, have a distinctly moral point of view but until the last scene I didn't find it moralistic. The film-ending speech by character Adam Mitchell (Alex Kendrick), while typical of American Evangelical ethos and worship, reminded me of the old Billy Graham movies that would begin as a drama and and with a splice of a Billy Graham Crusade altar call. The point of Courageous was clear enough without the homily.

All in all, Courageous is a worthwhile film and its box office success (over $21 million grossed to date on a budget of around only $2 million) should guarantee more from its producers in the future.

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