18 February 2013

American Evangelicalism

I'm conflicted about this post. On the one hand, the article here helps explain why I do not regularly characterize myself as an Evangelical. On the other, some might infer that the foolishness described carries the same import as the comments by the Apostle Paul about the "foolishness of the cross" in his first letter to the church at Corinth.

Suffice it to say that it does not. Juvenile behavior is not the same as God's work of redemption through the power of Christ's renunciation of the perquisites of his divine status and salvation of persons through the passive virtue of faith. The first of Paul's "foolishnesses" was inconceivable to the Jew's exalted view of God and the second to the Greek's exalted view of humankind. "Pastoral" MMA has nothing to do with either.

As Jamie Smith aptly put it here, God doesn't need our help.

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