06 May 2013

A Disappointing Diversion

You can check here and here to read my comments about Regent Law School's "Endangered Gender" Symposium. The "It's A Girl" documentary was shown as part of the first night symposium program. I found it to be well-written, well-produced, and powerfully understated. Certainly unobjectionable to all but those who believe that sex-selective abortion is a fine thing. Or so I thought.

Today, thanks to Ross Douthat, I read this piece in slate.com tilted "It's A Trick." Instead of interacting with the documentary, writer Sital Kalantry spends virtually her entire piece "exposing" producer Evan Davis as one who also produces pro-life materials. Well that changes everything, at least in professor Kalantry's eyes.

That the issue of sex-selective abortion is a serious problem in many partes of the world, that "It's A Girl" is assiduously fair-minded, and, even more to the point, is absolutely correct in all it depicts, is of no consequence once the "duplicity" of its producer is disclosed. If the value of Davis's work can be disregarded simply because he happens to believe that unborn males and females should live, then we're arrived at a place where only those committed to a particularly virulent strain of an inhumane ideology are permitted to speak. Better to let the truth speak for itself than to allow ideologues like Kalantry to be the world's censors.

There's an expression to describe Kalantry's piece: hatchet job. I only hope her law students can do a better job of writing briefs than she does of writing reviews. If they don't, I can assure you that courts will give them as little credence as should be given her

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