31 July 2013

Trinity Western University Update

A few might remember my post here about the vitriolic opposition to the establishment of the study of law at a Christian university in Canada. Trinity Western University is the object of Elaine Craig's wrath. An attack on TWU hit close to home because its founders included some folks in the same Reformed Christian tradition as my alma mater, Dordt College.

In any event, although I disclaimed any intent to rebut Professor Craig's screed, I can now assuage the concern of those who have been waiting for just such a response. Go here to download an article by Dwight Newman: On the Trinity Western University Controversy: An Argument for a Christian Law School in Canada.

It's only 14 pages and demonstrates what can (will?) happen as a commitment to human rights is increasingly decoupled from a Christian (or classical, for that matter) understanding of human nature, something I addressed in my article, Looking for Bedrock: Accounting for Human Rights in Classical Liberalism, Modern Secularism, and the Christian Tradition (abstract here).

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