09 August 2013

Please Shut It Down

This news item reflects the worst of all worlds: poor for-profit education and legal education at that. The Wall Street Journal reports here that the Southern California Institute of Law claims a First Amendment right not to report the bar pass results of its graduates. One can understand its reticence when zero of its forty-three 2012 graduates passed the California bar exam. A bar pass rate of 0% might scare off prospective students but then, given the bar pass rate of SCIL, maybe not.

I posted here and here about the the problems of for-profit institutions of higher education that were essentially scamming their students and ultimately taxpayers who guarantee the loans made to the students who get nothing for their tuition dollars. The challenges of law grads in getting jobs are well-publicized. We have the worst of both worlds when the two are combined as in the case of SCIL.

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  1. The relatively new Charleston (S.C.) School of Law (CSOL) recently announced that it will be sold to a for-profit entity. Students, faculty, and others are upset. Imagine being an in-coming 1L who had other offers but who wanted to study and live in beautiful Charleston. The good news is that one legislator (an alumnus, I believe) has proposed that CSOL merge into the College of Charleston, a public university.