03 September 2013

Bankruptcy Practicum

Notwithstanding my concern about the impossibility of making law school graduates "practice ready," there is every reason to provide opportunities for students to acquire practice-related skills and experiential legal education. I'm pleased to report that Regent University law school will offer a new such experiential course, the Bankruptcy Practicum, starting in the spring 2014 semester. Up to four students will have the opportunity to work for 60+ hours with a local bankruptcy attorney. Students will meet with clients, collate required information and documents, prepare pleadings, and attend hearings. Students who have third-year practice certificates will be able to represent clients in proceeding before a bankruptcy trustee or the bankruptcy court.

Rusty Boleman of Boleman Law is one of the attorneys who will be participating in the Practicum. You can read his comments about the looming threat of the student loan bubble here. You can read one of my thoughts about the same problem here.

A workable system of bankruptcy--both personal and corporate--is required in an advanced market economy. (For some development of this thesis, read my Missing Piece of the Puzzle: Perspectives on the Wage Priority in Bankruptcy article that you can download here.)  I hope that the Bankruptcy Practicum will introduce students to this vital aspect of American law.

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