10 September 2013

Crystal Cathedral Coda

You can find my most recent post about the follow-along to the bankruptcy of Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral here. There I commented on the plans of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County to eliminate the "Walk of Faith" with its engraved memorial bricks donated by various folks in honor of a loved one.

Go here to read Martin Marty's very thoughtful commentary on the same subject. Marty would have us meditate on three words that are appropriate to what seems likely to happen to the Walk of Faith: finitude, contingency, and transience. Nothing on earth is permanent, especially us. Even memories will fade away for all but a few of us within decades of our passing from this life. And the vicissitudes of life will overwhelm even our best laid plans. Good to keep our limits in mind when we consider our place in the here and now.

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