14 December 2013

Welfare for the Rich

I've previously observed how the agriculture-dominated economy of Northwest Iowa is exploding. Home of my undergraduate alma mater, Dordt College, the Great Recession passed Sioux County and environs without so much as a sideways glance.

What often goes without saying is that apart from the Providence of extraordinarily rich soil, much of the wealth of this area is subsidized by the federal government, particularly through subsidies for ethanol production. And what happens when the feds think about pulling the plug on the boondoggle of ethanol? Read here for a not-so-pleasant take on the caterwauling of Iowa's political leaders.

I would have more patience with the right-wing radio and TV chatterati if they'd spend equal time bashing rich Iowa farmers and poor food stamp recipients.

1 comment:

  1. Well, the food stamp recipient bashing is the equivalent of driving finish nails with a sledge hammer. It is clumsy, mean-spirited and brings considerable collateral damage. Programs of welfare to both ends of the wealth spectrum need serious restructuring. How do we accomplish this in the post Citizens United world?