21 January 2014

C.S. Lewis Biography: Another Point of View

In the year past I posted a couple of times about Alasdair McGrath's C.S. Lewis: A Life (go here and here if you'd like to read them). But in the interest of fair disclosure to any readers who take my word for things, I would like to report that just this month Michael J. Stell posted his own two-part commentary on McGrath's biography here and here.

Stell's first post is in the vein of "what I liked about the book" while the second contains his less-than-positive remarks. Of those criticisms only one struck me as correct--that McGrath paid too little attention to Lewis's "space trilogy"--while even that was of secondary significance. His other negative comments were straining at gnats. Or at least that's what I think. You're welcome to read McGrath's book and form your own opinions.

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