14 March 2014

LEGO: The Movie

We managed to squeeze in a Wednesday matinee of The LEGO Movie. Lisa had highly recommended it and the buzz sounded very positive so I slipped out of the office shortly before 4:00 and arrived in time for 15 minutes of trailers.

I'm not sure The LEGO Movie lived up to all of the hype but it was very enjoyable. Plenty of sight-gags and and inside jokes for older folks, plenty of action for the LEGO-age crowd, and an extraordinary attention to detail in the creation of the LEGO universe. I especially appreciate the multiple themes that portrayed the virtues of being exceptional and a simple worker, the dangers of being over-programmed and individual initiative and teamwork, as well as the message of repentance and restoration that came through in the end. Nothing profound but all worthwhile.

Go here to the website of The Acton Institute for some insightful analysis of The LEGO Movie as an answer to the question, "What is the meaning of work?" In addition, the Acton post provides a link to a trailer for its latest film release (who knew The Acton Institute made movies?), “For the Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles", which looks to be very good.

In short, a good movie that I recommend.

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