12 March 2014

Should Have Seen This Coming: Irish Psychic Phone Line in Bankruptcy

Go here to read about the bankruptcy and liquidation of "Irish Psychics Live," an Irish "premium" psychic call-in service. Even though Irish Psychics Live was “operated by genuine Celtic psychics, the most psychic race in the world," and even though "only the most spiritually gifted individuals are selected to participate in this site,” the firm apparently couldn't operate profitably and has a net worth of almost --€1 million.

My question: How could such a business lose money? I mean, what's the overhead for hiring folks to make up answers to questions from silly people? The article mentions that revenues plummeted after 2009, which suggests that folks stopped calling in when Ireland's economy crashed but, even so, the business's fixed costs should have been low enough to weather the recent economic storm.

Oh well. Given the truth of the aphorism "There's a sucker born every minute," I'm confident someone among the "most psychic race in the world" will see a way out of this bog.

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