28 March 2014

Thinking Locality-ly

Reminding everyone that the Widener Law Journal will be hosting a symposium on "Solving the Problem of Municipal Financial Distress" on Monday, April 14. You can get more details here.

This afternoon I spoke with my co-panelists and I expect our topic--"Pensions and Other Hot Topics in Chapter 9 Cases"--will be very exciting, or at least as exciting as a symposium on bankruptcy law can get.

The final version of an early draft of my article that you can download here will set us off. Two of my fellow panelists, Guy Neal and Mark Kaufman, are vigorous in their advocacy of institutional creditor interests in Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy cases. To lend balance to the discussion, I'll be taking the retiree/pensioner side of the battle in the face of what I expect will be a vigorous series of points and counterpoints. Where our fourth panelist, Professor David Skeel, comes down remains to be seen. If all goes well, we should have a symposium battle royale.

Feel free to come out and lend me some tag-team support.

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