04 April 2014

Endangered Gender In Print

Over a year ago I posted several notes (here and here) about the symposium hosted by Regent Law School's Journal of Law & Public Policy on the topic of "Endangered Gender: A Discussion of Sex-Selective Abortion." I'm pleased to report that the proceedings of the symposium have been published.

The articles are not yet available online but I suggest that two might be of special interest. Colleague Lynne Marie Kohm wrote The Challenge of Teaching Gender Equality in a World of Reproductive Gendercide and friend Dr. Prakash Tyagi, Executive Director of the Indian social-service organization GRAVIS, based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, wrote a poignant piece, Missing Daughters of India, in which he describes the extraordinary gender imbalance being created in India, its causes, and what his organization is doing to combat the persistent elimination of girls before birth.

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