22 June 2014

Herman Bavinck: "Ethics and Politics" 2.0

Bavinck the anti-Grotian, anti-social contract, anti-Kantian, anti-Austinian, and anti-positivist thinker:
The question [of the relationship between justice and morality] was first posed when Grotius increasingly separated natural law from ethics and based it on the foundation of a social contract. The result was that coercion had to be incorporated into the idea of law, because a contract among people offers little certainty if it is not maintained by coercion.
Law as state-legitimated coercion is fundamental to most Left-wing and many libertarian-Right Americans. The result?
Thus morality and justice came to stand apart from each other. Justice had noting to do with morality, meaning the inner disposition, but only with the deed (and a deed can be coerced by the strong arm of the government) ... .
Segregation of justice from morality and both from law can breed nothing but cynicism and is part and parcel of what passes under the subterfuge of politics today.

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