01 August 2014

"Jersey Boys"

A week ago we went to one of the few local theaters still showing Jersey Boys, a film directed by Clint Eastwood. Although it's fast fading from the world of multiplex theaters (we saw it at the landmark Commodore Theater in Portsmouth), and even though it's reviews have been mixed, we thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Perhaps remembering the songs of the Four Seasons from the transistor radios of our youth had something to do with it but the story is well told in four acts, each introduced by one of the band members.

The text of the Broadway production and screen play of the film were largely written by Bob Gaudio, one of the band members. Bob and lead singer Frankie Valli were partners apart from other members of the group. Thus, one can expect that the story is rather sympathetic to their side of the conflicts within the group. The film nonetheless appears to be fair to all interests.

We especially appreciated that the Four Seasons and Frankie Valli were played by Broadway cast members rather than film actors. Not recognizing any of them from other roles lent an aura of authenticity to their top-notch performances.

The film was not a profound examination of the human condition but it was enjoyable. We would certainly recommend seeing it.

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