01 September 2014

Squirrel: It's What's for Breakfast

Alternate title: God's recyclers.

Last week as I was driving down our street I noticed a dead squirrel on the road. No loss, I thought. After all, squirrels are little more than rats with bushy tails. Returning home less than an hour later I noticed cast of turkey vultures alongside our house.
Three vultures in our yard
I suspect the ones with the black heads are younger
Young 'uns

while the more unattractive ones are the adults.
Mom and Dad?

Of course, none of them had stopped simply to pass the time of day. Moving the squirrel from the road to our property gave everyone time for a leisurely breakfast of fresh road-kill.

Heavier than you'd guess
No problem for dad

  Then its was off to sniff out some lunch.

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