07 September 2014

... to the Tragic

Last night we went to the Regent University Theatre production of The Glass Menagerie. I seem to remember reading the play in English class in high school, and I vaguely remember watching short portions of the film adaptation (or perhaps the TV version staring Shirley Booth) on television many years ago. In any event, I had forgotten so much that viewing the play was virtually seeing it for the first time.

As is usually the case with the Regent Theatre, the play was superbly staged. Laura's glass menagerie was exceptionally well-designed for audience viewing. Rosette Jarriett, who played Laura, was most believable as a physically and emotionally challenged young woman in her early 20s. Shaunté Tabb, who played the controlling and delusion mother Amanda, was a bit young for the part and I thought that Theodore S. Holmes, III underplayed Tom's anger. Yet the cast overall did an excellent job and I would highly recommend catching the play next weekend.

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