05 September 2014

What Hath Edinburgh To Do with Vancouver?

Not too long ago I posted here about a "totalitarian libertarianism" that seeks to strangle in the crib the efforts of Trinity Western University to begin a Christian law school. TWU is located in Vancouver. Earlier posts can be found here and here.

From the other side of the Atlantic you can read here a thoughtful and incisive post by Robert Haldane about the threat of an aggressively secular Scottish government should the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence pass. Suffice it to say that the dissolution of the United Kingdom would have negative ramifications across the globe but even more serious consequences for Scotland's citizens and churches that take their religious faith seriously.

What joins these secularists at the hip is not a commitment to liberty but to a freedom of a particular sort, one that mandates a persistent and consistent vision of human beings as free from history and (human) nature. Unconstrained libertarianism thus leads to an insidious tyranny.


  1. Paul Shakeshaft9/06/2014 6:10 PM

    Thanks for drawing attention to Scottish independence. One other consequence of Scotland's separation to recognize is the political majority that would develop in England. The Conservative party would, from what I've seen, indefinitely control the House.

  2. Hadn't thought of that. At one time might have thought Conservative control in England would have been a good thing. Now, not so much.

  3. But it might also fracture the Conservative Party in useful ways.