09 December 2014

Advent and Sociopathy

I've previously linked to the article by my colleague Craig Stern here. Stern's article, The Heart of Mens Rea and the Insanity of Psychopaths (read the abstract here) argued that "psychopaths [or sociopaths]--those who lack sense of the normative nature of more rules--are not thereby excused from liability under the criminal law."

So far nothing new.

But for something that is new go here to read an account with an embedded link about how the gospel can reach even those for whom the notions of right and wrong have no affective traction. David Wood was a sociopath. Yet, with the power of the gospel, he's no longer indifferent to the claims of right and wrong.

Joe Carter, the author of the post, goes on to lay out the moral argument for the existence of God. Carter is clear and with the backing of the Wood's story makes a compelling case for the apologetic value of this argument.

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