21 December 2014

Health Care in the Netherlands

If you're like me, you had no idea how health care is financed in the Netherlands. Is it a single-payer system or a system of private insurance? If the latter, does the government subsidize policy holders and, if so, to what extent? And, on top of these policy details, does a small nation like the Netherlands have a political consensus on the subject?

If I've whetted your curiosity, go here to read an interesting post by Hetty ten Oever of the Leiden Law School about the near collapse of the current Dutch government over the extent to which private health insurers can limit access to what in America would be called "out-of-network" providers.

In a brief compass the post explains the current Dutch system and the three-way tug of war among insurers, providers, and consumers of health care. I found it very instructive on what seems to be a good system but surprised that even in a comparatively homogeneous society (compared to the U.S., anyway) there is significant disagreement about the balance of power among the three interested entities.

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