15 January 2015

Strange Bedfellows

It's a cold day in you-know-where when we find professional curmudgeon D.G. Hart citing the enfant terrible of the most orthodox of Presbyterians, Peter Leithart, with approval but today's the day. Go here to read Hart's observations titled "The Problem and the Solution." The problem: the demands of radical Islam. The solution: liberalism (classically understood).

I'll let you read Hart's brief piece on your own; it's sufficiently succinct it needs no summary from me.

And, in case anyone wonders what I think, read Looking for Bedrock: Accounting for Human Rights in Classical Liberalism, Modern Secularism, and the Christian Tradition (download by going here). (Hint: political liberalism--distinguished from current progressivism--is pretty good as forms of political life go. Whether it can continue in light of the unnatural anthropological demands of contemporary secularism remains an open question.)

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