08 July 2015

"From Hate to Healing"

To celebrate the 38th anniversary of our wedding, we attended a prayer vigil last night hosted by Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church, where we are members. You can read a brief news account in our local paper here

The vigil in response to the murders of the nine black individuals at the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina was sponsored by a wide range of local churches. The makeup of the approximately 500 in attendance roughly reflected the racial composition of the City of Suffolk.

I am generally skeptical of the long-term significance of large one-off religious events. With this one, however, my hopes were buoyed by the range of substantive biblical remarks, serious prayers, and apparent commitment of those who spoke. 

Together with the numbers in attendance, the gravity of the event suggests this prayer vigil may mark a fruitful beginning of local action to better express the unity of Christians in Suffolk with respect to racial matters.

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