21 September 2015

Crowdfunding Redux

Readers with long memories may recall that I posted links to a couple of podcasts from the days when I was Resident Scholar at the American Bankruptcy Institute. You can go here to listen to my interview of David McGrail author of "Crowdfunding a Chapter 11 Plan" and here when I talked to Daniel Gorfine and Ben Miller about issues surrounding crowdfunding and its regulation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. For more recent developments on the regulatory side you can read my blog post here.

All of this is a roundabout way to let folks know about this fall's Campbell Law Review Symposium: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained: The Evolving Impact of Investment Crowdfunding on Modern Legal Markets. you can read more about the symposium here.

You can register now--it's free--and come to Campbell law school for a full day of panel discussions on Friday, October 16. I expect this will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about an area that's developing rapidly.

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