12 October 2015

"Wait Until Dark"

We attended the opening night performance of "Wait Until Dark," the current Regent University Theatre production. It must have been four decades since I saw the film version staring Audrey Hepburn so I knew how matters would turn out but had forgotten nearly all of the details that happened along the way.

As usual, the production values and acting were good but two performances stood out. Roderick Bradford, Jr. was positively menacing as Roat. I suspect it is difficult for young actors to create such a sense of physical danger, especially in a a play where psychology rather than action predominates. 

Kaitlin Clabbers also deserves a shout-out as Gloria, the young upstairs neighbor of the blind Susy, who credibly swings between childish petulance and eager adventurism.

Complete plot summaries are available on the internet so here I will simply recommend that you see the play if you're in the Tidewater, Virginia area the weekend of October 16-18.

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