08 November 2015

A Curious Coincidence

Since purchasing our townhouse in Raleigh we've joined a book club. For our first meeting we read "Behind the Beautiful Forevers" by Katherine Boo. An excellent book that I should review but not now.

For the next meeting we're reading "An Irish Country Doctor" by Patrick Taylor. Set in 1950s Northern Ireland, "An Irish Country Doctor," while a novel, is obviously close to a memoir by its author who indeed is an Irish country doctor. But neither is this a review of that book.

Several days ago I read a story titled Veteran Commando of WW2 Dies at 93. An interesting account in the Belfast Telegraph that ended with the subject, Bob Wright, opening the first Chinese restaurant in Belfast in 1959, The Hong Kong and Anglo. An hour or so later I came across a line in "An Irish Country Doctor" in which the protagonist, with an evening to kill in Belfast, planned to "try the Chinese place on Church Street."

Nothing particularly significant in this of course but interesting to glimpse an intersection of fiction and fact.

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