06 January 2016

Death By A Thousand Cuts:Trinity Western University's Opponents Won't Give Up

The Bar Council of British Columbia apparently believes it can wear down Trinity Christian University. A few weeks ago I posted here that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia concluded that the provincial Bar Council had violated TWU's right to due process when it reversed its earlier decision permitting TWU law graduates to practice law in the province. As I explained,
The Bar Council of British Columbia, the province where TWU is located, managed to vote to permit TWU grads to practice their profession before they voted against it. Faced with such duplicity, TWU appealed to British Columbia's Supreme Court which reversed the second decision and effectively will permit TWU law graduates to be admitted to the bar of British Columbia.
The opinion of the Chief Justice did not, however, conclude that the Bar Council could not prohibit TWU grads from practicing law but only that it had to give the university an opportunity to present its case. Rather than picking up the gauntlet and providing TWU a fair shake before its members, the Bar Council has appealed to full court in an effort to overrule the Chief Justice's decision. You can read about it here.

The cost to TWU of these continuing to fight these "legal" battles is certainly substantial, not only in terms of fees for its counsel but in the diversion of institutional resources from the university's purpose--education. Of course, it's unlikely that the Bar Council gives a rip about education. It purposes are political and social and I'm confident it hopes that by fighting at every turn it will simply grind TWU into submission.

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