11 February 2016

Natural Law and Contracts: An Outline

Who knew there was a University of the Arctic? Apparently there is because it's one of the affiliations listed for Dawid Bunikowski. Go here to download Bunikowski's paper (really an amplified outline) tilted Going Back to Natural Law in Contract Law: Necessity of Metaphysics in Law.

Bunikowski makes the standard critiques of the non-foundational turn of modern jurisprudence and urges a return to the metaphysically thick accounts of contract law developed in the Medieval and Early Modern periods of European jurisprudence. In his own words, "poetically saying, philosophy, theology, and law are marching together, what is a beautiful way, crystallizing the way itself like going back to the true origins of our law in Europe, and in contract law especially."

Nothing new but a nice (and short, i.e., 24 pp.) introduction to how we got here and what Bunikowski thinks we should do about it.

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