06 October 2016

Protestant Resourcement: Pillar I

Over the course of the past three years I have posted often about the excellent times had at the Convivium Irenicum. (You can work backwards to all the exciting details from the links to the final posts for 2016 (here), 2015 (here), and 2014 (here).)

These annual convivia are produced, so to speak, by The Davenant Trust. The mission of The Davenant Trust is much larger, however, than hosting great meetings:
The Davenant Trust is a non-profit organization founded to support the renewal of Christian wisdom for the contemporary church. We seek to sponsor historical scholarship at the intersection of the church and academy, build networks of friendship and collaboration within the Reformed and evangelical world, and equip the saints with time-tested resources for faithful public witness.

To make its goals more accessible, several short videos have been created each addressing one of the "Pillars" upon which The Davenant Trust will implement its mission. You can view the first--addressing the nature and place of Reason--here.

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