19 December 2016

Charlotte School of Law: A Hammer Falls

Go here to read a press release from the US Department of Education. The DOE has announced that as of the end of this year students attending Charlotte School of Law will no longer be able to get federal student loans. Without such loans, virtually no one would attend the law school. (There are also private student loans (here) but in fact many would not attend any law school without federal student loans.)

I'm not an administrative law geek but I suspect there's a process of appeal within the structure of the DOE. Charlotte will certainly pursue that line of defense while also litigating in the courts. I'm also reasonably confident that this decision of the DOE will be stayed during the process of litigation. In other words, the law school won't shut down as of January 1. Nonetheless, the short-term effect of this decision, even if stayed, can be expected to have a substantial impact on the new class of law students that Charlotte would expect to enroll in the fall of 2017.

(For a few of my earlier comments on the effects of federal subsidies on the cost of higher education go here and on the world of for-profit higher education in general go here.)

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