29 January 2017

Hunger Games at Charlotte School of Law?

At least some faculty at the Charlotte School of Law believe the cutoff of federally subsidized school loans is having an impact on students more serious than scrambling for other resources to pay for tuition and books. Go here to read a brief piece posted by a Charlotte TV station: “I know that times are uncertain right now,” [Scott Sigman, director of the school’s clinical programs wrote,] “If you are low on funds and in need of food, please take what you need [from donated food in the student commons], keeping in mind that others may have needs as well."

There are, of course, even more serious problems for laid-off faculty. You can read a post at The Faculty Lounge here about their limited severance packages.

In both cases one might wonder if students and faculty failed to take seriously the warning signs of CSL's impending doom. To be fair to them, however, law school management was less than forthcoming and the Obama-administration Department of Education acted more precipitously than at any time in the past. Before CSL, the federal DOE had waited for an accrediting agency to act before pulling the plug on student loans.

All in all, an ugly sight.

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