11 July 2017

More Than 300,000 Served

Even though page-views on my blog will never approach the number needed to start making money, a few days ago it passed 250,000 300,000 of them.

I'm pleased that a number of folks have read at least something of my idiosyncratic takes on this, that, or the other thing. None of the webmasters at the law schools where I've taught have known how to classify my random thoughts, which is okay with me. As I observed some time ago here and here
Blogging has forced me to write, and thus think, more clearly about what I've read. It is one thing to read through an article; it is another to read it with enough care to restate, analyze, and critique the author's thesis. Blogging has also occasioned more complete reading. To blog about a book or an article makes it more likely that I have read the whole. Non-scholarly blogging about, say, places I've visited or movies we're seen, also tends to focus my attention on the experience, to be a more active observer. Finally, blogging spreads the audience for my scholarly works. The audience for articles published by law review is naturally small but blogging has gotten a few non-academics to read some of what I've written.
So, I plan to keep on. Blogging has been a net positive for me as I hope it will continue to be for you.

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