13 November 2017

From the (White) Horse's Mouth: An Introduction to James K.A. Smith

I've posted thoughts about the work of Calvin College professor James K.A. Smith quite a few times. (Go hereherehere, and here for some examples). Now I suggest that you go here to listen to interview of Smith by Michael Horton of Westminster Seminary in Escondido. Ostensibly in connection with the third volume of Smith "Cultural Liturgies" series (has Smith written three books or the same book three times?): "Awaiting the King: Reforming Public Theology," Horton expends much of the interview pitching Smith softballs, which surprised me given their number-of-kingdoms disagreement. (An interview by R. Scott Clark likely would have been more entertaining.)

Given that my academic bent is the law, I look forward to reading this book even Smith said relatively little about his thesis (other than he was not a fan of Rod Dreher's "Benedict Option").

Nonetheless, I'm pleased to direct my readers to this interview because it does a nice job of letting Smith explain what he's up to in his own (relatively few) words.

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