24 January 2018

Fewer Toys 'R' Us 4 U

I apologize for not keeping my commitment to keep folks informed about the Toys 'R' Us bankruptcy. But, frankly, it hasn't been as exciting as the Chapter 11 of Family Christian Stores. Here's some news from CNBC, however, that suggests that Toys' R' Us may not ultimately survive: "Toys R Us is planning to shutter roughly 180 stores across the country, or about one-fifth of its U.S. store fleet, in a bid to restructure the company and emerge from bankruptcy protection."

It's not that closing underperforming stores isn't a good idea, it is. The problem is that Toys 'R' Us suffered through a lackluster Christmas sales season, which bodes ill for the future. Bricks and mortar stores generally, and especially those catering to a shrinking demographic, are probably not long for this world no matter how carefully they are managed.

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