06 March 2018

A Potpourri of Things Davenant

A number of my posts have included topics connected with the work of The Davenant Institute. Beginning with my first Convivium Irenicum in 2014 and extending through last year's event plus references here and there to books and videos published and posted by my Davenant friends and colleagues, you could have learned a great deal about the benefits that a return to the sources of Protestantism can supply to us today.

Well, here's a whole new slate of Davenant offerings. First, following on the much-needed theme of wisdom, Davenant is offering two intensive, residential programs, one a five-day primer focusing on Protestant Philosophy, Ethics, and Politics (more here) and the other a ten-day study program in Christian wisdom and faithful citizenship (more here). And by the way, there's a 20% discount for early registrants.

Second, if you're on Facebook, you can go here to watch a fascinating lecture on the particularly early twentieth-century American reason for the Protestant shift to ordaining women to ecclesiastical office. (Hint: it wasn't exegetical or political.)

Third, and nearest to my heart, are the first and second in a series of lectures on a Protestant retrieval of natural law.

In all events, Davenant is rapidly becoming one of the leading resources for Protestant resourcement--bringing the wisdom of the past to bear on the present.

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