26 June 2018

A Brief Recursion to Natural Law

You can go here to read the best succinct description of the nature and uses of natural law to date. While characterized as why Protestants need a theology of natural law, folks from any Christian tradition (and thoughtful non-Christians as well) would do themselves a favor by reading David Van Drunen's piece.

I previously blogged about natural law here and published a piece on the topic titled God's Bridle: John Calvin's Application of Natural Law (download here or here). In short, natural law answers at least two questions. First, why do human beings universally have a sense of moral obligation? And second, by what standard can God hold folks accountable who have never seen or heard tell of the Bible?

Van Drunen's essay does the best job of unpacking the answers to these questions (and a few more for good measure) I have ever seen so please take the time to acquaint yourself with it. 

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