15 June 2018

The End of the Line for Trinity Western University's Law Program?

As I worried here and here, it turns out that Trinity Western University in Vancouver, British Columbia effectively will not be allowed to add a program in law to its curriculum. You can read the news account of the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada here. (Full text of the judgment here.) 

Along the way there had been a sighting of what turned out to be a false dawn (here) but by a 7-2 vote SCOC held that requiring students to agree not to engage in sexual conduct outside of marriage permitted provincial bar councils (the equivalent of state bar associations in the US) to deny admission of TWU law grads to practice law because, after all, such a pledge "would deter LGBT students from attending the proposed law school, and those who did attend would be at risk of significant harm." Of course, it's not like TWU would have been the only law game in town but no matter. Given that most bar councils do not have the backbone to resist the LGBTQ harridans, there seems little point for TWU to go forward.

And folks wonder why Donald Trump won down here.

(Yes, I know that there's little evidence that The Donald gives a personal rip about freedom of conscience or religious liberty. And yes, I know that there were lots of reasons other than anti-elitist bias not to vote for him (which, as a matter of fact, were sufficient for me) but I hope that virtue-signaling Evangelicals will wake up and smell the coffee and appreciate the genuine concerns of those who did.)

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