26 September 2014

Crystal Cathedral Metamorphosis

I seem to remember promising that my post here would be the final one on the bankruptcy of the Crystal Cathedral in Southern California. (For some earlier ones go here, here, and here).

But as I have before, I must again repent before posting a link here to an article about the design of the building for its new purpose, as seat of the Diocese of Orange (California). Given the building materials, the appearance of the repurposed building will not change greatly, to the disappointment of the traditionally minded. Nonetheless, there's no way the Diocese could have built anything better anywhere else for less than the cost of this project


  1. It's the sad thing that he failed. But history has shown that the church, body of Christ, shouldn't be following the world. I was shock to know about some churches in Europe used to be the tallest buildings in the world, but now, no Christians!

  2. So the "Crystal Cathedral" went bankrupt? The bankruptcy had nothing to do with -- as a previous comment suggests -- "the church . . . following the world."

    The bankruptcy came about because a charlatan who made his fortune from scamming dumb-as-dirt "christians" ran up $55 million in debt.

    However, never fear, the "christian" world is filled with these scam artists and with stupid, superstitious people who will send money to them.