15 March 2015

"The Diviners"

Can a play be both sentimental and sad? Absolutely, if it is the Regent University Theatre production of "The Diviners." We enjoyed the Saturday matinee performance with a friend. The quality of the production was strong as was in particular the acting by Austin Fitzhugh, who plays developmentally delayed Buddy Layman.

"The Diviners" contains no great character development nor does it provide any deep insight into the human condition but it had enough going for it to maintain our interest. The characters lacked multi-dimensional personalities and the sad ending did not strike me as either tragic or redemptive. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable way to spend two and a half hours.

By the time you read this, however, the run of "The Diviners" will be over so I will take this opportunity to recommend the upcoming end-of-season musical spectacular "Big River."

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