02 April 2015

Founder of Crystal Cathedral Robert Schuller Dies

During 2010-2011 I posted with some regularity about the bankruptcy of one of the first American mega-churches, the Crystal Cathedral. (You can read a few of the last posts here, here, and here.) Robert Schuller, the founder of the Crystal Cathedral, had already passed from the preaching and control scene but that didn't prevent the church's creditors from suing to subordinate his unpaid claims against the church to theirs. (Read about the equitable subordination suit here.)

Multiple media outlets are reporting Schuller's death. My standby for all thing Crystal Cathedral, the Orange County Register reports it at length here. To the best of my knowledge the article gets everything about right, from Schuller's Sioux County, Iowa roots to his therapeutic ministry style. What can be said in the end is that Robert Schuller died in circumstances as humble as those in which he had been born. He was a man of his times and, sadly, those times passed before he did

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