03 August 2017

More Props for the Most Musical Founder

Go here to read an interview by John Fea of Kate Brown, author of the new book "Alexander Hamilton and the Development of American Law." Given my Federalist leanings, it's no surprise that I like the fellow who's on our ten dollar bill. (For some earlier shout-outs to Hamilton go here, here, and here.)

Far more than the inconsistent agrarian Thomas Jefferson, and even his right hand man, James Madison, Hamilton saw where the United States were going and how they were going to get there: commercial capitalism. Yeoman farmers were fine but seriously, they weren't what all Americans should aspire to be.

It is regrettable that Hamilton didn't live to see the "market revolution" described by Charles Sellers and the rise of corporatism but the focus of Brown's book is on something closer to my heart: the law. While I haven't read her book, I plan to do so and would invite any of my readers who are interested in the law and American history to do the same.

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