01 August 2017

Charlotte School of Law Investors ...

... gotta love Donald Trump.

After Barack Obama's Department of Education turned off the spigot of easy money for Charlotte School of Law in December (earlier comments here), all eyes turned to Donald Trump's choice for head of the DOE, Betsy Devos. As I wrote here,
Go here to read a post at the Faculty Lounge blog that reports CSL's side of the story of its impasse with the DOE. Of particular interest with respect to the law school's strategy: "Their current plan is to substantially cut costs and try to ride things out this semester, while appealing to the incoming Trump administration, which Infilaw expects to be more friendly to the for-profit education industry [sic]."
Waiting and seeing has apparently paid off. The spigot has been opened to at least a trickle. Read all about it at Above The Law here. The Charlotte Observer story is here. Being able to gouge students for more money at government expense was a great return on the investment of $50,000 CSL paid The Podesta Group, a high-priced (and Trump (via Paul Manafort)-connected) lobbying organization.

On the bright side, Charlotte Law has admitted no new students for this fall. Thus, this loan money is--so far--going only to folks who haven't been able to transfer out. Let's hope that's all it is and soon CSL will be no more than a sad memory of the intersection between greed, gullibility, and government subsidized higher education. (Here, with embedded links.)

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