13 May 2014

News About Regent Law School's Bankruptcy Practicum

Go here to read a nice blurb about Virginia's leading consumer bankruptcy law firm and me. I had been familiar with the Boleman Law Firm for a number of years. The Boleman firm is the largest consumer bankruptcy firm in the eastern half of Virginia. I hadn't met its founder, Rusty Boleman, until April of 2013 at the annual spring meeting of the American Bankruptcy Institute where I had been serving as Resident Scholar. Rusty, another member of the firm, John Bollinger, and I talked about the need for better training for law students in all aspects of the practice of law and about how that could be done in the field of bankruptcy law.

From that initial meeting I got the enthusiastic support of the administration of Regent Law School to begin a Bankruptcy Practicum (more details here). Three students signed up this spring and two spent 120 hours at the Boleman Law firm (props to supervising attorney Linda Coppinger) and another training under the auspices of Regent Law alum Edrie Pfieffer. The Practicum gives students an opportunity to learn practical skills like interviewing clients, preparing legal pleadings, attending meetings of creditors and court hearings, researching legal issues, and--perhaps most importantly--learning how to engage in the practice of law in a professional and Christian manner.

The monthly American Bankruptcy Institute Journal (subscription required) recently gave shout-outs to both the Practicum and the generous donation of the Boleman Law Firm to the ABI Endowment Fund. John Bollinger presented the check at the 2014 annual spring meeting.
virginia bankruptcy lawyer John Bollinger

It is personally gratifying to be part of a program that puts law--and law students--into action.

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